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Kirby Your Enthusiasm

Jul 3, 2011

IN WHICH me and co-host Mark Williamson discuss Friday night's WWE house show in Sydney: who rocked, who sucked and why R-Truth is NOT main event material.

We analyse the AWF's upcoming iPPV and discuss Dubbs's experience attending that show live a few weeks back.

We reminisce about Rohan Herbstreit's run as the boss of How he wronged us and why we don't hold a grudge.

We commemorate the fourth anniversary of Chris Benoit's death. Was he really that bad? (Um...yes)Dann eviscerates the shitty new autobiography by Bruce Hart (above).

And there's a shout-out to both Jason Helton and Niki Nitro (below).

All this and more makes up part one of a controversial two-part podcast.

Running time: 57:30