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Kirby Your Enthusiasm

Dec 23, 2011


IT'S nearly the end of December so what better time to discuss what I read in November? So I talk about Asterix The Gaul, which I last read in the mid-70s. How does it stack up in 2011, nearly 50 years after it was first published?
Next, I discuss Super Giant Album #24, a blast from the past (1977 to be...

Dec 11, 2011

IT'S awards night on WWCBD? and hosts Dann Lennard and Mark Williamson (joined by special guest "Nasty" Nick Galea) announce the 2011 Wrestler of the Year and, more importantly, 2011 Fuckwit Shit Kent of the Year. Who will take out these prestigious honours? How many swearwords will be used? How many local scenesters...