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Kirby Your Enthusiasm

Jul 30, 2011

A RAMBLING discourse this time round. Firstly, I plug the shit out of a bunch of podcasts and websites:

* Mike Pindell's Comic Book Attic (

* Derek Coward's Comic Book Noise (, AND

* Harry Cee's The Next Issue (


Jul 30, 2011

I'll be posting podcasts on this site, but any comics-related stuff (pix, articles, etc) will be put on my Facebook group page at KIRBY YOUR ENTHUSIASM at!/groups/251545944859184/?ap=1.


Same with wrestling-related stuff at WHAT WOULD CHRIS BENOIT DO? at

Jul 8, 2011

IN WHICH I get my days confused (I recorded this on a Friday, not a Saturday) and give a shout-out to various cool comics podcasts I listen to:

The Comic Book Attic (

Comic Book Noise (

Chronic Insomnia (

COMICS READING FOR JUNE: “If it’s June it must be Brubaker”

Jul 4, 2011

 * NOW WITH STAR RATINGS (ala Wrestling Observer Newsletter PPV reports) *


***** Watchmen, Marvelman, V For Vendetta

**** From Hell, Supreme, Swamp Thing, Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow?

*** League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Axel Pressbutton, Tom Strong


Jul 3, 2011

Or is it episode 14 part 2? In this scotch-fuelled, controversial episode, we give several shout-outs to Niki Nitro and wonder whether it’s worthwhile attending a CWA show in Sydney to see her in the flesh.

We laugh at Antonio D’eath’s family photos, we discuss promotions having problems with heckling fans...