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IT'S nearly the end of December so what better time to discuss what I read in November? So I talk about Asterix The Gaul, which I last read in the mid-70s. How does it stack up in 2011, nearly 50 years after it was first published?
Next, I discuss Super Giant Album #24, a blast from the past (1977 to be precise).
It's a fun 16:45 podcast, so please enjoy......and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)

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IT'S awards night on WWCBD? and hosts Dann Lennard and Mark Williamson (joined by special guest "Nasty" Nick Galea) announce the 2011 Wrestler of the Year and, more importantly, 2011 Fuckwit Shit Kent of the Year. Who will take out these prestigious honours? How many swearwords will be used? How many local scenesters will be insulted? How much poor editing will be done to make this podcast salvageable? Featuring guest appearances from "The Pinnacle" Matt Bailey, The Sarge and retiring wrestling legend Mason Childs.

Running time: 1hr 34min

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 I'M JOINED this time around by special guest Mark Williamson as we talk about Fear Itself, the return of The Defenders, the trailer for the new Avengers film and DC's latest reboot of their universe. Mark also explains why he's always preferred Marvel over DC.

It's 35+ minutes of fun comics talk. Enjoy!

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WE'RE baaaaaaaaaaack! In a wide-ranging podcast, Dann Lennard and co-host Mark Williamson discuss various subjects including:

Why Dann is the most HATED man in Australian WWE is kinda shit right now...the local scene gone mad...veterans like Jungle Cat and Skyhawk talking crap online and why they do themselves no favours acting this way...Dann calls out Jungle Cat (ooooooooh!)...the idiocy of AV Dangerously from PWA Queensland allowing 15-year-olds to wrestle for his promotion (let alone promoting weedy Jeff Hardy wannabes like Sebastian Maximus on their official web site)...we laugh uproariously at the continued antics of "Triple D" Damien Drake and his "semi-national" promotion WWX (including their recent "takeover" of PWAQ)...and much more.

Then...because we're NOT negative ninnies, we discuss some very positive aspects of Aussie wrestling including SWA's upcoming show at Cardiff Panthers, Newcastle Pro Wrestling's debut show on the weekend, AWF's recent card in Parramatta, etc.

Finally, we discuss the benefits of having veterans working on your shows - not pretend veterans like Jungle Cat and Skyhawk, but legit blokes like George Julio in Melbourne and Lofty Pickford in Sydney.

After many anecdotes and hilarious banter, we wrap the show up with a song, a little ditty I've dedicated to the various people in wrestling who've annoyed me in the past month. The song's a bit long, but you'll get the idea in the first minute what I'm trying to say. Enjoy.

Running time: 1hr20min (approx.)

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IT'S a true meeting of the minds when the King of Porn DANN LENNARD and the King of Scotch MARK WILLIAMSON meet up with the King of Wrestling BIG HUSS in the heart of sunny Melbourne!

Yes, it's the infamous PODCAST OF DOOM - courtesy of the Poor Horsemen's "Bah Gawd!" Whirlwind Trip to Melbourne - performed in front of a live (partly comatose) audience in our swanky apartment overlooking Crown Casino.

Highlights of this tight yet sloppy podcast include...

* A review of the amazing WrestleRock event we attended the previous night. Who did we meet? Who avoided us? What did Mrs Jenkins do to Dann Lennard? What did Dann Lennard do to Mrs Jenkins? Is it possible to out-grub Adam Gambino? They did it! Plus we review the incredible moment when Huss ascended to the pinnacle of the scene

* Now that he is royalty, Big Huss magnanimously "apologises" to three people: AJ Maggot, Benny English and Ryan Eagles, AND

* We talk about the recent shenanigans surrounding PWA/PWWA. For a group that has the word "Professional" in their title, there are times when you just have to shake your head and wonder...

Needless to say, it's our most controversial podcast EVAH (and EVAH and EVAH...).

Enjoy and never forget, "GO GET HIM, TOOOOOOO-NEEEY!"

Running time: 38 minutes (and this time it's a SHOOT, bruthaaaaaaaaaa!)

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THE time has finally arrived. It's an exclusive interview with the controversial Internet heat magnet HUSS! Enjoy 30 minutes of verbal mayhem as Dann chats one-on-one with the big unit!

Elsewhere, Dann and co-host Mark Williamson review AWF Psychotic Slam 2011 (featuring Dick Togo and the already legendary Concrete Davidson)...we discuss the latest brouhaha surrounding SWA in Newcastle...we deal with the annoying Damien Drake...and we offer PWA in Sydney some positive advice. All this and more in the most outrageous episode yet of Australia's leading wrestling podcast.

Running time: 50 minutes (give or take a minute)

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IN WHICH I talk at length about the controversy surrounding Robert Crumb's late withdrawal from the Graphic Festival in Sydney, Australia. Who's really to blame here?

Also I review League Of Extraordinary Gentlement: Century: 1969 and suggest that Alan Moore should visit a shrink rather than subject readers to his expensive psycho-sexual problems.

Running time: 29min30sec.

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IN WHICH I recover from a post-show hangover and discuss PWA Australia's most recent card, featuring the awesome Dick Togo from Japan.

Running time: 15min10sec

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A RAMBLING discourse this time round. Firstly, I plug the shit out of a bunch of podcasts and websites:

* Mike Pindell's Comic Book Attic (

* Derek Coward's Comic Book Noise (, AND

* Harry Cee's The Next Issue (

Also, The Next Issue has its own Facebook group at!/groups/167476376654249/?ap=1. So does this blog at!/groups/251545944859184/?ap=1.

And a final few plugs to:

* Lone Star Comics (, AND

* (

I think that's the lot. :)

Next, I rave about sci-fi authors, including Philip Jose Farmer and his intriguing Riverworld and Wold Newton family concepts. Finally, I review the first three TPBs of Gail Simone's Secret Six. Flawed but fun reading.

Running time: 46 minutes

Please email me with your thoughts at or contact me on the KYE Facebook group page.

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I'll be posting podcasts on this site, but any comics-related stuff (pix, articles, etc) will be put on my Facebook group page at KIRBY YOUR ENTHUSIASM at!/groups/251545944859184/?ap=1.


Same with wrestling-related stuff at WHAT WOULD CHRIS BENOIT DO? at!/groups/117624151660137/?ap=1.




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