Kirby Your Enthusiasm
What Would Chris Benoit Do?, episode 3

IN WHICH I give a blatant plug to Highspots ( and rave about some great buys I've had in recent sales from this excellent wrestling merchandise online store.

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Super Pro K.O. Vol. 1 is awesome!

I JUST finished this manga-style digest last night and it is awesome - and I *HATE* faux manga art. But Jarrett Williams nails the concept and energy of pro wrestling perfectly. Along with The Promotion (which I also read only recently), Super Pro K.O. is possibly the best wrestling-related comic I've ever read.

I'll be talking about this comic in detail in an upcoming podcast.

BELOW is the official guff. Buy it!

Volume 1 - 1st printing. Story and art by Jarrett Williams. Joe Somiano is late to his first match in Super Pro K.O.!, and has no clue what awaits him in the rowdy ring! A seasoned sumo wrestler, a jolly luchador, a flambouyant tag team, suspicious executives, and a drunken Heavyweight Champion all stand between him and the superstardom that is his destiny. If the huge egos, clothesline take-downs, and broken chairs across the head don't squash Joe's dreams, he may just come out on top. But if he's going to take home the champion's belt, he'll need to bring his best moves against the likes of S.P.K.O.! stars Tomahawk Slamson, Yoko No-No, Mr. Awesomeness 2, and many more in this grand slamma jamma event of a graphic novel! Softcover, 5-in. x 7-in., 256 pages, B&W. Cover price $11.99.

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Just counted the other day...

...and I have more than SIXTY graphic novels, TPBs, hardcover collections etc etc that I haven't got around to reading yet. Where to start? Where to start? All my Grant Morrison New X-Men TPBs? Irredeemable Vols. 3 & 4? Yings! Someone give me a suggestion. Crisis On Infinite Earths? Earth X? Camelot 3000? Infinite Crisis? Marvel Secret Wars? Squadron Supreme? Berlin Vols. 1 & 2? Anyone? Anyone? Heeeeeeelp.

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WWCBD02 extra

I COULDN'T get this to work in the original podcast, so I'll try again as a separate entry. Here's a classic anecdote from Gary Hart regarding Abdullah The Butcher and his notorious unwillingness to do jobs. :)

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What Would Chris Benoit Do?, episode 2

In which Dann gets frustrated (off air) about his inability to edit properly. Meanwhile, on air, he talks about the late, great "Playboy" Gary Hart (seen here with "The Spoiler" Don Jardine).

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Kirby Your Enthusiasm, episode 4

In which I review Lady Mechanika #1 and DC's Holiday Special 2010 and preview a bunch of other comics bought from Kings Comics ( this week.

Feel free to email me with any comments at

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Kirby Your Enthusiasm, episode three

In which I rail against my own inability to read the comics that I'm buying, especially all these long-running series. How do I get to 16-17 issues of Doom Patrol and Sweet Tooth and still not have read A SINGLE ISSUE??

I also talk about my weekly haul from Kings Comics ( and give Top Shelf Productions ( a plug.

Feel free to send your comments to

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Kirby Your Enthusiasm Episode 2

In which I discuss my ongoing project of reading a minimum 50 comics a month. This month, it's a side project to read a bunch of stand-alone issues.


* NOW WITH STAR RATINGS (ala Wrestling Observer Newsletter PPV reports) *



*****   Watchmen, Marvelman, V For Vendetta

****     Supreme, Swamp Thing, Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow?

***        Legion Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Axel Pressbutton, Tom Strong

**           Promethea

*             WildC.A.T.S.

DUD  (or lower)     anything he’s written for Avatar


1. Hellboy In Mexico (Dark Horse, 2010) ***¾

2. Fin Fang 4 Returns (Marvel, 2009) ***½

3. Hate Annual #8 (Fantagraphics, 2010) ***

4. Fame: Lady Gaga #1 (Bluewater Comics, 2010) ***

5. Saga Of The Von Erich Warriors (Sage Productions, 1988) ½*

6. The Guild #3 (Dark Horse, 2010) ***¼

7. Weird War Tales (DC, 2010) ***

8. Tails Of The Pet Avengers: The Dogs Of Summer (Marvel, 2010) ***

9. R.P.M. #1 (12-Gauge, 2010) **½

10. Image Firsts: Madman Comics #1 (Image, 2010) ***

11. Marvelman Primer (Marvel, 2010) **

12. Officer Downe (Image, 2010) **½

13. Marvel Sneak Peeks (Marvel, 2010) **

14. Young Allies #6 (Marvel, 2010) ***

15. Deadpool Team-Up #888 (Marvel, 2010) ****

16. Hellboy: Double Feature Of Evil (Dark Horse, 2010) ***¾  

17. The Twelve: Spearhead (Marvel, 2010) ****

18. FVZA #3 (Radical, 2010) ***

19. Halcyon #1 (Image, 2010) ***¼

20. Wonder Woman #600 (DC, 2010) **½

21. Turok Son Of Stone #1 (Dark Horse, 2010) **

22. Mythos: Captain America #1 (Marvel, 2008) **¾

23. Iron Man: Extremis: Director’s Cut #3 (Marvel, 2005/10) *****

24. Krazy Comic – May 28, 1977 (IPC, 1977) **

25. Marvel Super Special #41: Howard The Duck (Marvel, 1986) *

26. Devil May Dance #3 (British indy title, 2008) DUD

27. Rockfall #3 (British indy title, 2009) *

28. Scraps From The Tableaux (Paper Tableaux, 2006) **

29. Sleazy Does It (, 2007) ***

30. Bijlmer Boys #3: Going Down (indy title, 1999) DUD

31, Psychosis! #2 (GWP, 2007) *½

32. The Hunter #1 (Ryan Bayliss, 2008) ½*

33. Night Warrior #1 (Raging Psycho Comics, 2006) ½*

34. Carvers #3 (Image, 1999) *

35. Blue Smoke #1 (Paper Tableaux, 1999) **

36. Vertigo Resurrected (Vertigo, 2010) **½

37. The Rat (British indy title, ??) **

38. T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #1 (DC, 2010) ***¾

39. Batman #700 (DC, 2010) ***

40. Soldier Zero (Boom!, 2010) **

41. Hellboy/Beasts Of Burden: Sacrifice (Dark Horse, 2010) **¾

42. The Incomplete Death’s Head #4 (Marvel, 1993) **½

43. The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #1 (Marvel, 2010) ***

44. Superman #700 (DC, 2010) **½

45. The National Crumb #1 (Mayfair Publications, 1975) DUD

46. Big Bang #1 (Zoo Arsonist Press, 1995) ***½

47. Fox Comics #23 (Fox Comics, 1989) ***

48. T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Magazine #1 (JC Comics Group, 1981) *

49. 2000AD Megazine Vol. 4 Issue 10 (Rebellion, 2002) ***

50. A Section Of The San Francisco Panorama (McSweeney’s Issue 33 (2009) ****


ALSO: check out The Comic Book Attic at and Lone Star Comics at

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What Would Chris Benoit Do? Episode 01

THE first instalment of What Would Chris Benoit Do? - where I talk about the PWA Australia card I attended on Friday night. Great card from what is probably the best promotion on Australia's east coast. Check out the official website at

Meanwhile, feel free to check out my blog at And feel free to contact me at

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Kirby Your Enthusiasm 01

At last! My first which I discuss my latest acquisitions from Kings Comics ( and say "Um..." way too much.

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