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Kirby Your Enthusiasm

May 20, 2015

IN WHICH Dann discusses how Marvel and DC drove him into the arms of Image courtesy of their endless, pointless crossovers and "big events".

He then gives a belated summary of his Free Comic Book Day scores earlier this month.

It's a touch over 30 minutes of comicy goodness and it can be downloaded HERE


May 3, 2015


IT'S a special on-the-road edition of KYE as Helen and I discuss newspaper cartoon strips: which ones we read as children, which ones we avoided and why Helen didn't like Doonesbury. We also examine why our kids have become so obsessed with Peanuts and Calvin & Hobbes

And why that's a cool thing.



May 3, 2015


A SHORT podcast by me and Helen while on the road in central Victoria. We discuss the perils of night-time driving, particularly the risk of colliding with kangaroos, emus, goats and - as we discovered on our latest holiday - wombats and flocks of sheep.