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Kirby Your Enthusiasm

Feb 25, 2014


JAN. 84

FEB. 118

MAR. 53

APR. 30

MAY 93

JUN. 66

JUL. 64

AUG. 92

SEP. 79

OCT. 62

NOV. 24

DEC. 42

Total comics and GNs read in 2013: 807

IN 2012, I read 885 comics, trades and graphic novels. Last year...not so many. Hey, what can I say? Life (and real books) got in the way. Enjoy the podcast.


Feb 2, 2014

Emma from NXT

ONCE again, it's time for AUSTRALIA'S BIGGEST AND MOST SUCCESSFUL PODCAST to delight its millions and MULLLLLLLLIONS of fans. Australia's most beloved pornographer DANN LENNARD is joined by Australia's most dangerous man LORD MARK WILLIAMSON - NOT on Australia Day - to record the most important podcast...