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Kirby Your Enthusiasm

Feb 9, 2013


I READ 885 in 2012. Some were good, some were awesome...and some were DUDS.

This post lists all the very best (and worst) of the year, along with original comments by me (if any).


BEST of 2012:

THIS WAS A TOUGH YEAR. I read a lot of truly great comics that aren’t on this list: 4 to 4½ books that didn’t quite...

Feb 2, 2013

HOW do you celebrate an amazing PWA show at the Roxy Theatre in Parramatta on Saturday night? How do you top a card that rocked from top to bottom, including an early match-of-the-year candidate between PWA champ Mick Moretti and Robbie Eagles?

You whip out the trusty portable tape recorder and chat with some of this...