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Kirby Your Enthusiasm

Jul 14, 2012

A BIG reviews episode beginning with three new(ish) books by Fantagraphics: Is That All There Is? by Joost Swarte, The Sincerest Form Of Parody and The Hidden by Richard Sala.

And I wrap up proceedings with a surprisingly positive review of Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen,...

Jul 10, 2012


YES, I'm finally back with a biiiiiiiig wrap-up of the inaugural Oz Comic-Con, held in Melbourne on the weekend of June 30 and July 1. It was a huge two days, where the definite highlights were meeting Marvel legend STAN LEE and, on a more personal level, extraordinary Aussie artist FIL BARLOW (of Zooniverse...

Jul 7, 2012


RCW invaders (Danny Psycho in the orange tights) stand tall after laying waste to the MCW main eventers in the final match of the night.
(Cory Lockwood photo)

I ATTENDED a Melbourne City Wrestling show at the infamous Dragonfly Chinese Restaurant on Friday, June 29 and had a total blast. I saw some amazing matches...