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Kirby Your Enthusiasm

Aug 28, 2011

THE time has finally arrived. It's an exclusive interview with the controversial Internet heat magnet HUSS! Enjoy 30 minutes of verbal mayhem as Dann chats one-on-one with the big unit!

Elsewhere, Dann and co-host Mark Williamson review AWF Psychotic Slam 2011 (featuring Dick Togo and the already legendary...

Aug 16, 2011

IN WHICH I talk at length about the controversy surrounding Robert Crumb's late withdrawal from the Graphic Festival in Sydney, Australia. Who's really to blame here?

Also I review League Of Extraordinary Gentlement: Century: 1969 and suggest that Alan Moore should visit a shrink rather than subject readers to his...

Aug 6, 2011


IN WHICH I recover from a post-show hangover and discuss PWA Australia's most recent card, featuring the awesome Dick Togo from Japan.

Running time: 15min10sec´╗┐