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Kirby Your Enthusiasm

Jun 28, 2019

Lotsa old-school and new-school wrestling greatness to be found here.

Don Leo Jonathan

Gary Hart

Larry Hennig

Pedro Morales

Don Fargo

Chris Colt

Billy Meeske

George Hackenschmidt

All Elite Wrestling

Aussie wrestling live show reviews

and so much more!!!


May 1, 2019

Not content with just one zine this month, I produced TWO. Here's my Ozploitation-themed zine, featuring old and new articles about Australian exploitation cinema. Hope you like it. 

Apr 30, 2019

Bettie Page, targeted individuals, loads of schlock film reviews, my TV-viewing history and MORE! Enjoy! :)

Feb 17, 2019

IN WHICH I discuss the very best (and very worst) comics I read last year. Why did Chris Ware score a whopping MINUS FIVE STARS? That and more is talked about in the only comics podcast produced in Parramatta, NSW!
(I think I can safely claim that...

Nov 7, 2018

I loved the 1950s Avengers and I dug its successor Agents Of Atlas, so this comic is a tribute to both these super-teams....